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5 Urban Chic Outfits To Look Effortlessly Stylish

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Urban Chic is all about looking stylish while embracing a sophisticated, yet edgy look. Elevate your wardrobe with these outfit ideas.

What Is Urban Chic Fashion?

Urban chic style is a fashion trend that draws inspiration from city life, street fashion, and high-end couture. It embraces a mix of casual and tailored elements, creating a perfect blend of comfort and style.

Urban chic outfits are all about effortlessly putting together fashionable clothes that reflect your own personal style.

Urban Chic Outfit Ideas

1.) Leather jacket and leather pants

woman wearing black leather blazer with leather pants and black top with sunglasses
Photo: @FJackets

You can never go wrong with an all black outfit. However, to elevate this simple look, opt for a leather jacket or blazer and leather pants for a sophisticated yet modern urban chic look. Leather is a timeless material so is the perfect choice if you are looking to take your outfit to the next level.

Accessorize with statement jewelry or a pop-of-color bag to add a personal touch. Or keep it a monochromatic look with a black handbag and shoes.

2.) Ripped Jeans and Blazer

woman wearing ripped jeans, plaid blazer and brown heels and bag
Photo: @kassstylz

Pairing ripped jeans with a blazer is an iconic urban chic outfit choice as it is a blend of casual (with the jeans), and sophistication (with the blazer). The distressed aesthetic of ripped jeans brings that laid-back, streetstyle vibe, while the blazer gives a tailored and smart look.

To make this outfit look more chic, try wearing a belt over your blazer to give more definition. Pair with heels to complete the look, or opt for sneakers for a more casual attire.

3.) Denim midi skirt and oversized shirt

woman wearing black denim midi skirt with black oversized shirt and mules
Photo: @purewow

The denim midi skirt is all the trend right now, but it is still a chic and timeless clothing item you should have in your closet. You can also bring an element of casualness to your outfit by wearing a denim midi skirt with an oversized shirt. The contrast between the structured denim and the loose, oversized shirt creates a balance but urban chic take on a classic casual look.

Try tucking in the oversized shirt to create a more balanced silhouette and add an element of sophistication, ideal for those Monday morning meetings!

Footwear can dramatically alter the overall vibe of this outfit. For a casual and laid back look, opt for white sneakers. For that classic urban chic it girl look, choose a pair of mules or heeled sandals.

4.) Hoodie And Suit

woman wearing grey hoodie under a red blazer and wearing matching red suit pants with sneakers
Photo: @gabriellearruda

If you think you can’t make wearing a hoodie look chic, think again! Pairing a simple hoodie under a suit is the perfect way to dress up the outfit for a urban chic look. The hoodie downplays the formal nature of the suit, while the blazer and pants give the relaxed hoodie a sophisticated edge. This is the definition of comfy chic!

The fun thing about this outfit idea is that you can put in your own personal style by playing with different colors and even patterns. Finish the look with stylish sneakers or loafers to keep the look relaxed yet fashionable.

5.) Blazer, Leggings and Cardigans

woman wearing leggings, blazer, cardigan and pumps
Photo: @whowhatwear

Wearing leggings with your blazers are not only easy, but still look incredibly stylish! This comfortable outfit is great for shopping in town or running errands. Adding a cardigan to your outfit brings a laid back feel however, if you wear it over you shoulders, it can look very chic.

To elevate this outfit, consider opting for high-quality leggings to make sure they aren’t see through. To keep this outfit looking urban chic, finish the look with ballet flats or pumps.

Urban Chic – Conclusion

Whether it’s casual street style, office attire, or weekend getaways, there are many styles of urban chic outfits for you to choose from.

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