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13 Chic And Trendy Summer Nails To Try

summer nails which are pink and purple with summer nail designs on
Photo: @solod_sha

Summer is here and if you are looking for a fresh pair of summer nails then take a screenshot of these nail designs to take to your next manicure.

1.) Yellow Nails With Floral Designs

yellow nails with flower nail art on some nails

Photo: @sysparkle

If you’re looking to brighten your style with some bright colors, try some yellow nails with some cute flower nail art. This nail design is all about embracing summer colors which are perfect for a summer vacation.

Pair a warm yellow base coat with white floral nail art, and you’ve got an eye-catching manicure that’s sure to light up any summer gathering.

2.) Pink Chrome Nails

woman with pink chrome nails

Photo: @colleenhobson

Pink chrome nails, with their shine,and mirror-like finish, are the perfect summer nails. They add a feminine touch that is both trendy and fun. For a classy style, opt for a nail polish in soft shades of pink, rather than a hot pink.

The shiny nail polish of pink chrome nails beautifully reflects sunlight, making them a fantastic choice for both daytime and nighttime summer events. Whether you’re lounging by the pool, attending a summer barbeque, or enjoying a night out, these summer nails add an element of glamour to any look.

3.) Summer Citrus Nails

nail design that have some nails in yellow and accent nails with citrus fruit nail art

Photo: @ilayda_sevgimiz

Summer citrus nails are a fun, fruity trend that embodies the essence of the season. Start with a white or nude base coat, then paint on citrus slices in bright orange, green, and yellow nail polish. These nails are not just cute but a refreshing sight on a hot summer day.

There’s something about citrus that screams summer. Maybe it’s the refreshing tanginess of a lemonade on a hot day or the vibrant hues of oranges, limes, and grapefruits that mimic the sunny, lively mood of the season. Incorporating these cheerful elements into your nail design is a fantastic way to express your summer spirit.

4.) Summer Nail Art

nails in same shades of pink but different nail designs: pink nail polish, pink flowers, pink french tips

Photo: @fabmood

The wide array of nail art designs available allows for endless creativity and experimentation. You can mix and match different nail designs to create your perfect summer nails for your next manicure. Mix french tips with floral designs that are in the same shade. Even if you have shorter nails, you can find nail art that fits your personal style.

5.) Cool Neon Colors Nail Design

nails with bright shades of pink and green

Photo: @bettycora

When you think of summer nails, you might picture a palette filled with bold and bright colors. Think hot pink nails, bright orange, or even neon yellow. These neon colors are the perfect reflection of the best summer feels, full of sunshine and warmth. Take the bright orange, for example. Not only does this summer nail design turn heads, but it also perfectly complements a summer tan. The deep blue, reminiscent of the summer sea, offers a more sophisticated touch.

If you don’t fancy going for full color nail polish, you can incorporate neon colors into your summer nail designs through nail art.

6.) Pretty Summer Nail Designs

pretty summer nails with nude base and small white flowers

Photo: @pinterest

Summer nails are the perfect time to add a cute feminine touch to your look. With these nail designs, you don’t need to go overboard with bright colors. In fact, opting for a simple nude or a nail polish the same color as your natural nails with the addition of small flowers. You could add dainty nail art to all your nails or just have some accent nails.

7.) Swirl Negative Space

trendy summer nails with blue and orange swirl negative space nail art

Photo: @mzsofi

If you’re looking for a modern, unique nail design, look no further than swirl negative space art. This design leverages your natural nails, adorned with vibrant swirls of color while leaving a portion of the nail uncovered. The result? A trendy, eye-catching style that beautifully showcases your creativity.

8.) Simple Summer Nail Ideas

cute simple manicure: light pink nails

Photo: @topknotsandpearls

Nude nails are another all-time favorite. They bring a clean, natural look that suits any occasion, adding a feminine touch without being too flashy. Just add a base coat and a shiny top coat for gorgeous nails that’ll carry you through the summer.

9.) Blue and White Nail Art

blue and white summer nails with swirl nail design

Photo: @looksnsmores

Inspired by the ocean’s deep blue waves crashing against white sandy beaches, this summer nail designs is a calming yet captivating choice. You can alternate between navy blue and white nails or create intricate patterns that mimic the ebb and flow of waves. It’s the perfect manicure for those dreamy summer vacations by the sea.

10.) Classic French Manicure

classic french manicure on square nails

Photo: @pinterest

The classic French manicure never goes out of style, especially for those who love elegant summer nails. This style can look cute on short nails or long nails so a great option.

You can switch up the style a twist on the classic, with colorful French tips gaining popularity. Imagine a nude base coat with french tips in navy blue or a subtle pink — talk about a chic summer manicure!

12.) Pastel nails

sage green pastel nails with green french tips

Photo: @beyzanur

For those who prefer softer shades, pastel nails are an absolute summer delight. From mint green nails to sky blue, these nail colors offer a cooler, relaxed summer vibe. You could even explore rainbow nails for a more playful look — they’re especially trendy this season.

13.) Floral designs

summer nails with orange and pink flowers and french tips

Photo: @amyguynailartist

Floral designs in different shades are a hit for your summer nails inspo! This season, we’re seeing a resurgence of this beloved trend with a twist. Combine different shades of pastel nails with delicate floral art designs, and you have a manicure that’s as beautiful as a summer garden. From subtle pink roses to bright daisies, the possibilities are endless.

Summer Nails – Conclusion

So, next time you’re thinking about your summer manicure, take a plunge into these exciting trends. Whether it’s a bold shade for a special occasion or a softer shade for everyday wear, remember, summer is the perfect time to experiment. It’s all about creating a look that makes you feel beautiful, bright, and ready for sunny days ahead.

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