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18 Best Spring wardrobe essentials you need

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These spring wardrobe essentials are a must have to wear all season long. Whether you’re looking to update your style or simply stock up on some new pieces!

The spring wardrobe essentials you need

  • Jeans and Pants

  • Jackets and Coats

  • Maxi Skirts and dresses

  • Knitwear

  • Tops and blouses

The must wear jeans and pants

Jeans can be worn all year round and are a timeless staple. Different styles of jeans have had their moments to shine, but this year’s fashion trends are leaning towards the high waist jeans fit along with wide leg jeans for that relaxed look.

1.) White jeans

Woman wearing white jeans and cream oversized sweater

Photo: @Glamour

Light colored jeans are spring wardrobe essentials, especially white jeans. The white denim brightens ups your outfit and looks less wintery than wearing black jeans.

Opting for a monocratic look with your white jeans is a great style for spring outfits. For the cooler months, pair the tonal look with a knitted sweatshirt.

2.) Straight leg jeans or Boyfriend jeans

Woman wearing blue wide leg jeans and black puff sleeve top

Photo: @inthestyle

Your wardrobe is not complete without a pair of jeans. Wide leg jeans, straight leg jeans or mom jeans are a great to put on your spring wardrobe essentials list! The silhouette makes them a comfortable pair of jeans to wear in spring and the relaxed breezy fit if great to keep you cool as the we start getting more warm weather.

You can also wear jeans in daker colours too. A classic denim blue works for the cooler and warmer season so don’t feel like you have to wear light colors.

3.) Cargo pants

Woman wearing cargo pants and bodysuit

Photo: @cosmopolitan

Another item that needs to be on your spring wardrobe essentials list are the cargo pants, and I’m not talking about oversized style of the 90’s. This 2023 Spring will see more tailored looks including the cargo pants, as these were just some of the products featured on the runways this year.

Not only are cargo pants a stylish and breezy options for the spring season, but highly convenient with all the pocket detailing.

Cargo pants pair perfectly with a more simplistic tight fitting top. Try styling them with a tight long sleeve top as the neutral clean top doesn’t take away from the highly detailed pants.

4.) Tailored pants

Woman wearing white wide leg tailored trousers, black top and blazer

Photo: @Prettylittlething

Tailored pants can be worn all season long and are a wardrobe essential. You can dress them down with some trainers or go for a smarter look with loafers as the cropped length is really flattering with this style of shoe.

Pairing tailored pants with a cropped jacket or blazer is a really elegant way to add warm to the outfit. Alternatively, pairing the pants with a fine knit or off the shoulder sweater is a great for an chic yet warm spring outfits.

Lightweight Jackets and coats

Your Spring wardrobe essentials should consist of lightweight jackets for when the weather starts to warm up. From denim jackets, to blazers, to trench coats, these are wardrobe essentials you need!

5.) The Denim Jacket

Woman wearing blue denim jacket, white knee high boots and black bag

Photo: @kings&fifth

The denim jacket is a must have in your Spring wardrobe. It doesn’t look too heavy but the structure provides the much needed warmth.

For a super trendy spring outfit, try opting for a double denim look or even a denim jumpsuit. A double denim look is the best transitional piece. It looks effortless and Denim jackets are great at adding structure and texture to a look.

You can pair the denim jacket with

6.) A Classic Tailored coat

woman wearing black leather pants, black bag and camel tailored coat

Photo: @Lxvvy

A classic tailored coat is a timeless wardrobe staples that can instantly make your outfit look chic and sophisticated. These work well as they don’t look too boxy and oversized that give a warm winter feel like a winter coat does, but they still add a layer of warmth.

If you want to dress the tailored coat down, then opt for straight leg trousers, a t shirt or turtle neck, and ankle boots. Additionally, you can pair a sweater over the shoulders for a stylish accessory, but also to wear if it’s cold as the Spring weather can be unpredictable.

7.) An Oversized Blazer Moment

Woman wearing black flares and blue oversized blazer

Photo: @Thegirlwhitney

An oversized blazer should be on your Spring wardrobe essentials list. A thicker woollen blazer with a fine knit turtle neck pair perfectly together especially in this new season. When it starts to get warmer as we approach the summer months, you can swap out the thick blazer for for a slightly thinner oversized blazer.

Oversized blazers are extremely versatile as you can wear skinny jeans, shorts, tailored trousers or skirts with them. The shoulder pads of the blazer adds structure and definition to the outfit so the Spring weather makes it perfect to showcase it’s silhouette.

8.) The Trench Coat

woman wearing black skirt, beige trench coat, and snake skin knee high boots

Photo: @xoxomekayla

If you haven’t invested in a trench coat yet, then this is one of the Spring wardrobe essentials I highly recommend!

Classics trench coats normally come in neutral colors such as beige or camel but this year we will see more of a range of colors and even textures. Overall it’s a great timeless piece to refresh your Spring wardrobe and keep you looking stylish all season long.

Maxi Skirts and dresses for spring wardrobe essentials

As we start to enter a new season with more warm weather, it might be time to refresh your winter wardrobe with more weather appropriate outfits. Even though Spring can still be on the colder side for some, skirts and dresses are still Spring wardrobe essentials to have in your closet!

9.) Long denim skirts

woman wearing long denim maxi skirt, black long sleeve top and black handbag

Photo: @brunetteshavemorefun

The maxi skirt is the new Spring wardrobe essentials this 2023 and has been dominating the runways. A long denim skirt ticks all the boxes for your Spring wardrobe because they are the perfect length to provide coverage for warmth but they can be worn with a cute top as we approach the warm weather. Try pairing your denim skirt with long boots as these will elongate your legs and provide extra warmth. It also looks super chic!

Denim is a great wardrobe essential as it can be worn all year round and is versatile to your own personal style. You can be more edgy and go for a double denim look by pairing the denim skirt with a cropped denim jacket. Alternatively, you can keep it casual and pair with a plain white tee.

10.) Pastel and floral dresses

Woman wearing pastel colored floral dress with brown cropped jacket

Photo: @Zahra

Floral prints and pastel colors are synonymous with Spring fashion, and for good reason! These prints and colors reflect the blooming of flowers during the springtime so having a floral dress are Spring wardrobe essentials.

Pastel color dresses are another spring essentials and is a great way to bring in brighter colors that are more associated with springtime. Try out different styles and cuts that are appropriate for the weather and occasion. For example, if it is slighter colder then choosing a floral dress with long sleeves is a great choice.

11.) Maxi or Midi spring dresses

Woman wearing brown maxi dress with cardigan

Photo: @Preye

Midi dresses are Spring wardrobe essentials and my go to. These spring dresses can be dressed up for a date night with jewerly and heels or made more casual with sneakers. For colder days or evenings, throw on a cropped sweater for warmth or even a cardigan.

What ever your body type, a midi spring dress can look flattering and can come in various styles.

All purpose Knitwear

Knitwear should be on everyone’s spring wardrobe essentials checklist. Look for sweaters and knits with interesting detailing as it’s a great way to add texture to your outfit

12.) Turtlenecks

woman wearing wet look skinny jeans and black, white, green turtleneck

Photo: @silhouettestylez

When it comes to a spring, a turtleneck is that item that should be in everyone’s wardrobe. It’s not only stylish, but it’s super easy to layer. Layering a turtleneck under a blazer can create a casual chic look without looking too over dressed. It also adds warmth by covering your neck and arms, and you can opt for a chunky knit turtle neck if it is still too cold outside!

Try dressing up the turtleneck with a silk maxi skirt. The difference in texture adds interest to your outfit while not feeling too wintery and heavy. You can also dress down the turtleneck by pairing it with wide leg jeans or pants and trainers or flats.

13.) Knit sweater

woman wearing white tailored trousers with black v neck off the shoulder sweater

Photo: @ajspxoxo

A knit sweater is are wardrobe staples that can help transition your fashion from winter to spring. They are a great piece that will keep you warm but can also be great for adding bright colors to your outfit. Spring is the time to start embracing those bolder colors and prints and sweaters can do just that. Whether you like subtle pastel colors or more statement pieces, a knit sweater is a great place to start.

If you wear a monochromatic look, the sweater can add texture and interest to the outfit. Pair a v neck sweater with tailored pants for a sophisticated look, or even over a skirt with tights and boots

14.) Sleeveless knit sweater

woman wearing black straight pants, loafers, white shirt and black sleeveless knit sweater

Photo: @thisisglamour

A sleeveless knit sweater are Spring wardrobe essentials you need this year. They pair perfectly over a shirt or t shirt for a smarter feel without feeling too bulky. Wear jeans to balance out the fit and to dress down the outfit a bit.

You can get sleeveless sweaters in different patterns and colors which is a great way to get color into your outfit. Try matching the colors in the sweater with your accessories such as bags.

Spring tops and blouses

Your spring wardrobe essentials will include tops and blouses because they are a great base for your outfit.

15.) The Trendy Tube Top

woman wearing black tube top with black torusers

Photo: @whowhatwear

The tube top is making a come back this spring but not necessary in the Y2K fashion way we have previously seen. It will be taking a more modern twist to the 90’s classic. For example, seeing tube tops with more detailing or even the addition of interesting hem lengths.

Pairing your tube tops with low rise maxi skirts is a great combination to have in your spring wardrobe and a great way to still be covered up while still looking on trend.

In the cooler months, adding a tube top over a shirt can look very stylish and smart. Pairing it with straight leg pants can make it work appropriate as well.

16.) Lightweight tops and blouses

woman wearing pink silk blouse with black skinny jeans

Photo: @hey_natella

As the weather starts to warm up, it’s time to swap out those heavier winter clothing items for more lightweight tops and blouses. Unlike the bulky sweaters, lightweight tops and blouses are spring wardrobe essentials because they are breezy and ideal for more outdoor events like brunch or picnics.

A cute blouse can add a feminine touch to your outfit, so have a play around with different styles!

17.) Suit vests

woman wearing beige wide leg pants and suit vest with cream long coat

Photo: @sem_g_

A suit vest is super trendy and an easy way to add sophistication to the outfit. Pair with wide leg trousers and ballet flats or loafers for a more formal and chic look.

Suit vests usually have a v neck so if you don’t want to wear it on it’s own, you can wear over over a t shirt or skirt dress for warmer weather.

18.) Plain white tee

woman wearing white jeans and plain white tee

Photo: @stylecaster

A plain white tee are must have spring wardrobe essentials because they can go with so many clothing items!

Now, just because it’s plain doesn’t mean it has to boring. A plain white tee can be dressed up with accessories and acts as a great neutral piece to your outfit. You can even chose a white tee that has shoulder pads to add more interest to the look.

Conclusion – Spring Wardrobe Essential

As we start transitioning into a new season, your wardrobe may need a little refresh to help keep you looking chic and stylish. We hope this blog gives your some must have wardrobe staples for your spring outfit ideas!.

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