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6 Must Have Spring Sneakers

woman wearing white spring sneakers with embelished dress
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Elevate your footwear game this spring with our top picks for stylish Spring sneakers, from classic styles to trendy designs.

Upgrading Your Spring Wardrobe

You’ve heard of having a spring clean out and refreshing your wardrobe, but now it’s time to also refresh your sneaker game! Sneakers can make or break your outfit so it’s important to make sure you have the perfect pair of spring sneakers at hand.

From high-fashion runway looks to street style, sneakers are a staple and can go with many different styles.

The Top Spring Sneaker Trends For This Season

This years spring sneakers is all about embracing different colorways, innovative styles and wearability. Here are the top trends to watch out for:

Retro Inspired Designs

Over the recent years we have seen the rise of Y2K styles in the fashion industry and sneakers are no exception. Retro-inspired sneakers continue to dominate the fashion scene, with 90’s and 80’s styles making strong come back.

Chunky New Balance Sneakers

woman wearing Chunky New Balance sneakers with jeans and trench coat
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Chunky new balance sneakers make for great spring sneakers for a few reasons. Not only are chunky sneakers still in fashion but they come in lots of different colorways so you can choose ones that fit your personal style or for spring outfit.

For a stylish and effortless spring outfit, consider pairing your chunky sneakers with high-waisted mom jeans, a cropped white t-shirt, and a lightweight denim jacket or trench coat.

Old School Vans

woman wearing checkered vans, white jeans and black top
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Vans are those shoes that I always graviate towards as we get to spring/ summer time. They are super easy to slip on your feet so are great if you need to quickly throw an outfit together.

They are also those spring sneakers that can add that retro, edgy feel to your outfit.

Asics Gel Kayano Running sneakers

woman wearing Asic sneakers, long skirt and hoodie
Photo: @modemischief

If you want to get that dad stye sneaker, the Asics running sneakers are the perfect kicks to give that retro dad sneaker but still cute and on trend.

For a stylish and relaxed spring outfit, pair your dad-style sneakers with straight-leg jeans, a tucked-in graphic tee, and an oversized blazer in a pastel color. This combination creates a chic and casual look with a touch of retro charm. Alternatively you can wear the Asics with a long skirt and a hoodie for streetstyle look.

White trainers

Converse Platform Sneakers

woman wearing Converse Platform Sneakers, jeans, white tee and white shirt
Photo: @themirrormuse

Converse platform sneakers are a modern twist on the classic Converse silhouette and their platform sole an extra element of style to your look. While you might not think of these as spring sneakers and more of a great autumn/ winter shoe because of the high cut and chunky sole, opting for a white pair can make a great transition sneaker.

For a chic and trendy spring outfit, pair your Converse with a midi-length floral dress and a cropped denim jacket. For a more casual look, pair with bootcut jeans, a plain tee and a leather crossbody bag.

Classic Nike Air Force

woman wearing white shorts and crop top with cream blazer and white nike air force
Photo: @Clesycretive

So maybe everyone and their dog has a pair of Nike air forces but you can’t deny these sneakers are extremely versatile and just seem to go with every outfit. They might not be the most on trend sneaker, but if you are going to get any spring sneakers, I would consider these.

A fresh pair of white sneakers are a must for the spring time as they add a clean touch to any outfit. The bright, crisp white of the Nike Air Force 1 is especially fitting for the season

Triple white Yeezys

woman wearing white shirt and biker shorts with white yeezys on
Photo: @dailymail

If you want spring shoes that are casual but chic, the Yeezys in all white are great choice. The minimalist aesthetic of the Triple White Yeezys allows them to pair with various wardrobe options, making them incredibly versatile.

For a stylish and casual spring outfit, consider pairing your Triple White spring sneakers with light-wash distressed denim jeans and a classic crewneck.

Spring Sneakers – Conclusion

Spring sneakers are the perfect way to refresh your wardrobe and embrace the latest trends in footwear. You can wear with different colors to express your personal style and try out different silhouettes.

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