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8 ICONIC 90’s Grunge Fashion outfit ideas

woman wearing a 90's grunge fashion outfit
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90’s grunge fashion is iconic and is making a comeback. This blog will provide you with some iconic outfit ideas for the perfect grunge inspired wardrobe.

What Is Grunge Style?

Grunge style is a grunge fashion trend that became popular back in the 80s and 90s when there was a rise in grunge music. This was when bands like Nirvana, Soundgarden, Pearl Jam, and Alice in Chains influenced the fashion world. The classic grunge style was all about flannel shirts, ripped jeans, band T-shirts, combat boots, and oversized knit sweaters. However, we are starting to see the 90’s grunge aesthetic make a comeback. While it might not be all dark clothes and goth makeup, we are definitely seeing a modern take on the 90’s fashion trends. Let’s explore a few outfit options!

1.) Floral Mini Dress with a Leather Jacket

Drew Barrymore wearing mini dress and leather jacket
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If you want a subtle 90’s grunge fashion then throw on a floral mini dress with a leather jacket for just the right amount of kickass look. The 90’s was all about going against the norm and wearing contrasting elements. To really get the 90’s grunge style and add some edge to your outfit, pair your floral dress with Doc martens boots or combat boots. For a more subtle grunge look, swap the leather boots for a pair of simple black boots or sock booties.

Leather jackets are an iconic 90’s grunge style and can instantly add edge and look. Additionally, grunge fashion is all about mixing textures and patterns so the contrast of the flowy, floral fabric to the leather is a great example of this. By adding in leather black boots to this look, they compliment the jacket and ties the whole look together.

2.) Distressed Mini Skirt with a Tee

woman wearing graphic tee, distressed skirty and combat boots
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Why only wear ripped jeans when you can pull off a distressed mini skirt. We might be seeing a rise in Y2K micro skirts, but these might not be punk rock enough for you! For a summer look you can pair a distressed mini skirt with a t shirt, along with long boots or black combat boots.

You can always swap the distressed mini skirt for denim shorts or ripped black skirt for that perfect 90’s grunge look. Paired with chunky boots or black shoes gives an extra edgy style.

3.) Oversized Flannel shirts with faded Denim

2 women wearing flannel shirts, denim jeans, and converse shoes

For those familiar with the TV show ‘Friends’ then you will know that a plaid shirt or flannel shirt paired with mom jeans as a fundamental element of the characters’ wardrobe and an iconic 90’s grunge fashion look! You are wondering how to style mom jeans and flannel shirt, pair them with converse shoes to keep up with the casual and grunge look.

Revive the 90’s grunge fashion with oversized flannel shirts along with a pair of shredded and faded denim for the ultimate grunge aesthetic. These don’t have to be ripped denim jeans, it’s your call! Just make sure they are baggy jeans as these are grunge staples!

4.) Graphic Tee with Edgy Belt and denim jacket

woman wearing band tee, baggy pants and combat boots
Photo: @gotoshopping

The 90’s grunge fashion era was dominated by denim, so if you want to build the ultimate grunge inspired wardrobe, a denim jacket is a must!

Go for a cute 90’s grunge fashion look add a graphic tee and high-waist pants. Music heavily influenced the grunge fashion trends, so a band tee is an iconic look. If this is a little too punk for you, try wearing a graphic tee dress with a denim jacket.

Don’t forget to pair with combat boots, an edgy belt and some choker necklaces for the complete look.

5.) A Black Knit Cardigan and Thigh High Boots

woman wearing black oversized cardigan with thigh high boots
Photo: @welo0

You can’t go wrong with an oversized sweater and especially a black knitted cardigan that can be worn as a dress! Baggy and loose silhouettes are the perfect grunge element. Add tall boots and you are all ready to rock the grunge aesthetic.

Tip: Chunky sunglasses can add some chic to the look!

6.) Flannel Skirt with a Graphic Tee

plaid skirt and graphic tee with white turtle neck and white chunky boots

Wear your favorite graphic band tee and throw on a flannel mini skirt to complete the 90’s grunge fashion. The 90’s was all about layering so wear a turtleneck under your graphic tee for extra dimension and throw on a denim jacket or leather, the choice is yours!

The contrast between the feminine skirt and more punk shirt is a classic grunge style. You can play with the styles here depending on the look you are going for. For example, for a more cute grunge look you might choose an A-line plaid skirt.

7.) A Skater Dress

black skater dress with white socks and vans
Photo: @planeshipping

A skater dress is an easiest and quickest way to dress up the grunge! You can wear a black skater dress and you can wear it with long socks and converse sneakers or with combat boots and knit beanies for a perfect combination.

8.) An Oversized Knit Sweater

image 2
Photo: @fairypeony

90’s grunge fashion is all about oversized and loose silhouettes so an oversized sweater is the perfect option. Throw on a choker necklace along with chunky boots to get that grunge look.

You can wear your oversized sweater in many different ways. For example, it can be worn over black jeans or a black skirt. Depending on your style you can could wear your sweater as a jumper dress and pair it with ripped tights and platform shoes.

90’s Grunge Fashion – Conclusion

The great thing about 90’s grunge fashion is that you can mix and match items in your closet to create the level of grunge you are after. The 90’s was all about fun and breaking the rules so try out different styles and combinations. With these outfit ideas, you are all prepared to have the best 90’s grunge fashion styles your way!

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