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Ways to Style Elegant Classy Outfits for Every Occasion

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If you are looking for ways to style elegant classy outfits for EVERY occasion, then we have some amazing outfit ideas!

Is it impossible to appear elegant and classy on almost every occasion? Well, it is possible. Find out just how to look stylish every day and quit squandering money on fashionable but unattractive clothing. Spend your money on staples to develop a capsule wardrobe instead of chasing the next fashion trends.

You can deliberately choose the clothes for your exquisite wardrobe that give you confidence daily by adhering to a few easy rules that allow you to still express your personal style whilst looking as elegant as ever.

Below we outline our top tips to style elegant classy outfits for pretty much every occasion. You’d be surprised to know how a little tweak here and there in your outfit can impact your whole look and give you the elegant style you are looking for.

Fit over Size – understanding your body type

Woman wearing maxi dress

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When building an outfit, knowing your body type is vital to building the silhouette you want to create for the perfectly balanced look that highlights all your best features. It’s way more important to dress for your figure than it is to wear expensive clothes to create a classy outfit.

An example of this is a black dress that complements your figure. You can create the base for a classy look without having to shell out a lot of money. Simple outfits that include a silk blouse or a shirt dress with a belt are other great examples of dressing classy without spending too much money.

Fit > Everything. Always remember this one principle when you wear clothes; It’s one of our favourite style tips at Alara Style.

Invest in Classic Neutrals

Woman wearing cream white trench coat, knee high cream boots, cream bag and dress

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It goes without saying that a neutral aesthetic is a classic one. Consider the following examples: Posh Spice’s “little black Gucci dress,” Marlin Monroe’s white dress, James Dean’s white T-shirt, and a Burberry trench coat. They are all neutral.

One of the main advantages of a neutral wardrobe is that everything fits together, making getting dressed much simpler! Even if you wear a splash of color, it won’t compete with your other items.

Neutral colors make the ultimate elegant classy outfits because it creates the greatest bases for building a capsule wardrobe that can put together for a multitude of classic styles. Unlike other fashion trends, you don’t need to worry about your skin tone looking good on a new shade of neon green or bright yellow. Neutral colors are timeless and you can mix and match different shades to create an amazing elegant outfit.

Mix and Match – Your Personal style

1 woman wearing oink sweater, zebra print skirt with leather boots and other woman wearing pink wide leg pants with zebra sweater

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Choose complementary pieces of clothing and combine them to create various styles. Try new combinations without hesitation. You can weave in your own personal style to add that little bit of flavour that shows your personality. Never be afraid to really make an outfit your own express yourself a bit.

You can dress down a traditional classy style to go for more of a casual chic look. Or you can dress up classic staples such as a blazer for a louder statement.

Black Never Goes Out of Style

woman wearing black dress with feather detail and green bag and black bow heels

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More than we care to acknowledge, black is everyone’s favorite color. Dressing formally is made possible by wearing all-black or extremely dark-colored clothing. Play with layers, accessorize with opulent jewelry or striking accessories, or go all-out with shoes and a handbag.

Black is simply a colour that will never go out of style, it goes great with every skin tone and can build the base for all of your classy outfits and every fashion designer will 100% have something you like in black.

Style your Hair when you Dress Classy

woman wearing white crisp button down shirt with claw clip

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To complete your elegant classy outfits, style your hair! You can really look more professional by styling your hair because it demonstrates your effort. A low bun or slicked-back ponytail are just two examples of attractive hairstyles that are attainable. In particular, with a straight middle part, sleek straight hair always presents a the polished appearance of a classy woman.

Alternatively, try flipping your ends inwards or outwards for a more vintage look. Try out several haircuts and updos to see which ones suit you.


All in all, start incorporating the style advice suggested in this blog when creating your elegant classy outfits. Choose the clothing you can wear for more than a season, and remember that a skilled tailor is well worth the money!

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