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How To Look Business Chic – 15 Effortless Ways

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Business chic is incredibly stylish and is good for the office and other professional/ work environment. If you are looking for stylish work clothes, read on!

What is business chic?

Finding an outfit that is suitable for the work environment but is stylish and business chic is all about finding the perfect balance between a smart appearance and a modern on trend look.

However, there are many ways to look business chic that can work for your own personal style.

This blog will discuss effortless ways to look business chic while meeting the office dress code.

How To Look Business Chic

  1. Looking clean and polished
  2. Business chic basics
  3. Business formal
  4. Modest outfits
  5. Business casual

Cleanliness Is Next to Godliness

Well, we all have heard the saying, “cleanliness is next to godliness.” Looking clean and polished is highly encouraged when it comes to business attire.

1.) Take care of your business attire

girl wearing girl tailored pants and black shirt
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Ensuring that your business attire is kept on point is key if you want to look business chic. Make sure you do not have any stains, wrinkles, or ripped threads, as they seem highly unprofessional.

To ensure that you have an office ready outfit, keep your business wear apart from your daily wear. Also another tip is don’t brush your teeth while in your work outfit! This is to avoid toothpaste spills – been there done that!

2.) Pay attention to fit

woman wearing black long sleeve, long checked skirt, heels and a hat
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When finding outfit ideas for the business chic look, focus on the fit not size. An item that is well fitted and tailored to your body gives an overall polished look and keeps the outfit classy.

If your clothes don’t fit right, it can create an overall sloppy appearance. It can also affect your confidence and comfort, so invest in well fitted items or even get items custom tailored.

3.) Keep it simple and elegant

woman wearing black dress, white blazer and black pointed toe heels
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Sometimes less is more, especially for business attire. The business chic style is all about looking clean and elegant. Opting for a simple black dress and accessories is simple yet super sophisticated and timeless.

A white suit or plain white blouse with a dark brown or black pant looks impeccable as nothing is more clean and elegant than white and black. 

Back to Basics

Finding the perfect work wardrobe sometimes doesn’t require you to reinvent the wheel. Lets look at some business chic basics that can still make a fashion statement in the work environments.

4.) Opt for neutral colors

woman wearing beige tailored pants and beige sweater
Photo: @irina57

The benefit of having neutrals is that you are able to mix and match your wardrobe. Whites, blacks, browns, and even pastel colors are very versatile because you can wear various colorful tops with them.

Also having a neutral work wardrobe allows you choose more colourful pants. You can choose colored pants in a deep, subdued shade like burgundy or emerald green. Wide-legged, boot-cut, or ankle-length pants perfectly complement an office fit.

5.) Invest in quality basics

woman wearing charcoal grey dress, sand trench coat and sand heels
Photo: @Mariavizuete

Investing in high quality basics is a must for building a business chic wardrobe. Not only do basics create a functional wardrobe with pieces that can go with many different items, but the high quality fabric often looks more extensive and therefore creates a more polished overall look.

Having basics that are higher quality often means that they can last longer. This can save money overtime and contribute to your ultimate capsule wardrobe.

6.) Classic and timeless silhouettes

woman wearing pants, white shirt and black blazer
Photo: @fromluxewithlove

Classics are a must for a business chic outfit because the silhouettes won’t ever go out of style so you can ensure that you are never wearing clothes that look outdated.

Classic and timeless silhouettes are important when it comes to office wear as they create a sophisticated and polished look needed for these formal.

Tailored pants, shirt, blazer and heels are a great example of a timeless look.

Business formal

If you are looking for business chic outfit inspiration that are appropriate for the more formal events, here are a few style tips and outfit ideas:

7.) Blazers

woman wearing white blazer and pants
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Blazers are a great staple piece for creating that professional and business chic outfit. Adding a blazer to your outfit can instantly take it from business casual to business formal.

You can get blazers in various colors but you can’t go wrong with investing in a good quality black blazer. Alternatively, matching your blazer with the rest of your outfit is an easy and chic way to go for a monochromatic look.

8.) Suits

wearing high top and grey women suits
Photo: @ikanovic1852

Nowadays there are many different styles of women suits. From stylish pant suits to skirt suits, both of which are equally business chic.

A suit is great business attire to have in your wardrobe because all you have to do is pair with a top and your are good to go in the work environment. Alternative, they are great pieces to mix and match making them versatile and a good invest piece.

Choosing a bold or classic coloured suit is a stylish way to make a fashion statement. Pair with a simple shirt and neutral accessories to not take away from the suit and to avoid making the outfit look too busy.

9.) Pencil skirts

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Photo: @mariavizuete

Pencil skirts are classic work clothes that have been around for years. They are particularly associated with work attire due to the sophisticated and polished look they give.

For business formal office clothing, knee-length skirts are preferable to short skirts or shorts. Pair with a cropped blazer to add a modern touch to the outfit or keep it simple with a shirt tucked in during cooler seasons.

Black pencil skirts are common and chic but you can always choose a white pencil skirt paired with a neutral shirt for a more modern take. Just make sure you invest in a high quality white pencil skirt as white is renowned for being see through. Not a great look for work!

Dress Modestly

Instead of drawing attention to your cleavage-bearing top, short skirt, or overdone make-up, get noticed for your excellent work. Exposing too much skin in a professional environment is not really a great idea and not just to meet the office dress code.

For more modest outfit ideas, read here!

10.) Versatile tops

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Photo: @bysima24

You can get modest tops in a variety of styles which allows you to mix and match your wardrobe. From tight tops, to short sleeve tops to a turtleneck sweater, there is a modest top to suit for personal styel!

Long sleeve tops a great for layering piece while keeping modesty. Pair a long black sleeve top with black leather pants with a stylish business casual look, or swap the leather pants for tailed pants for a more formal look.

11.) Long maxi dress

long cream maxi dress
Photo: @Pinterest

Another business chic outfit idea is a maxi dress. This is a great way to stay covered, which is perfect for the work environment.

Add a cropped blazer to balance out the silhouette of a maxi dress as well as adding a sophisticated touch. Alternatively, a long trench coat can also work as it compliments the cut of the dress and creates a streamline look.

If the dress has straps or a low cut, try layering with a long sleeve top or shirt for modesty and to make sure its work appropriate.

12.) High waisted trousers

woman wearing black high waisted pants and striped shirt
Photo: @elagiaofficial

The ultimate business chic wardrobe includes a pair of high waisted trousers. They are super easy to style and can be paired with many different style tops.

Try pairing black tailored pants with a striped blouse and black blazer for chic outfit, or try wearing a pair of high waisted pastel trousers and a white shirt – Perfect summer time!

Business casual attire

Business casual attire shouldn’t look sloppy or untidy, but you can go for slightly less formal clothes.

13.) Summer dress

smart white summer shirt dress
Photo: @uniqistic

Finding business attire that is still appropriate for the summer time can be slightly more challenging. However, a summer dress can still be suitable for a business casual fit.

Try choose a summer dress that has enough coverage over the chest, or layer with a short sleeve top.

If a long dress isn’t your style, try wearing a pencil skirts or flowy skirt and bodysuit for a similar illusion.

14.) Experiment with color

woman wearing orange wide leg trousers and white shirt
Photo: @weheartitapp

Business casual is a great chance to experiment with color. If you don’t feel comfortable going for bold colour pant suits, you can add colour through your accessories. Choosing a bright coloured bag is a stylish and chic way to add a pop of color into the outfit, especially for your spring work outfits.

Bright color shoes are an effective way to experiment with patterns and colors. An all black outfit and a pop of color from the shoes can look sophisticated and approriate for more formal business attire.

15.) Wide leg pants

Woman wearing beige wide leg pants and black bell sleeve shirt
Photo: @Pinterest

Trousers are the perfect business attire and wide leg pants are great for a more business casual look as they are more relaxed than straight leg or tailored pants.

Wide leg pants are super business chic. Pair with a matching color top for a coherent look.


In the summer heat, finding the ideal professional attire might be difficult. Difficult but possible. Wearing lightweight slacks, skirts, and dresses is essential for a stylish business look. Although wearing a blazer to your desk is not required, you should keep one for daily meetings.

You could be tempted to wear open-toe shoes, but staying with closed-toe designs is usually recommended since they are more appropriate for the office.

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