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How To Achieve The 90’s Hip Hop Fashion Aesthetic

3 women styling the 90's hip hop fashion aesthetic

90’s hip hop fashion trends are becoming the number 1 fashion staple today. From baggy jeans to oversized denim jackets, we have some iconic styles to show you.

Hip hop began with 90’s music, which influenced not only music taste and music videos of billions but also slowly ingrained itself into the fashion industry. As it rose from the streets it gave birth to its distinct aesthetic.

Fashion was a big part of the 90’s hip-hop culture, which was heavily influenced by hip hop artists like 2Pac, P.Diddy, Snoop Dogg, Kanye West etc.

Bucket hats

woman wearing black bucket hat, white crop top, baggy jeans and black shoulder bag

Photo: @AestheticLifeexxtutorial

One of the most iconic looks is to invest in an Adidas combo, a bucket hat, and gold chains. It was one of the iconic looks by Ll Cool J. But if you are not a fan of tracksuits then just throw on a bucket hat for that street savvy look.

Bucket hats created a casual street style look. Try pairing denim jeans and a crop top with them for a laid back feel, or throw on an oversized coat like bomber jackets for the ultimate 90’s hip hop fashion style.

Recently we are starting to see bucket hats be dressed up more, especially with more high fashion brands hoping on this trend. While this won’t scream elegance or couture, pairing a bucket hat with a simple strappy dress can look more glamorous.


To achieve that authentic 90’s hip hop fashion look, you can’t overlook the bandanas.

Gangsta rap hip hop style

woman wearing oversized clothes and white bandana

Photo: @jifrassini

Hip hop culture influenced numerous subcultures like gangsta rap where the bandana became popular. You can even go all white hip hop t shirt and joggers and a bandana. Many artists including Tupac and Eminem had bandana as their statement style.

Cute bandana head scarf

woman wearing bikini top and cute bandana with long blonde hair

Photo: @classically_cait

If you don’t fancy the gangsta rap style, you can opt for a modern twist. Some women might think that bandanas are better suited for men’s style, but think again! Not only can you too rock the edgy look, but you can opt for a beautiful feminine print or bold patterns that can bring a pop of color to your outfit.

A Cut-Out Bodycon Dress

woman wearing yellow and red cut out long sleeve bodycon

Photo: @kahadid

The 90’s wasn’t just about wearing oversized clothes. Bodycon dresses were huge and a cut-out bodycon dress was a must on a night out! A metallic or basic cut-out bodycon dress is the perfect 90’s hip-hop fashion aesthetic as it was a staple for hip hop stars like Beyonce.

The cut outs add extra interest to the outfit and gives of a sexy appeal which the 90’s fashion trends were all about.

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Denim on Denim

woman wearing denim jeans and denim jacket with bold green purse

Photo: @anadodiablog

Who can forget the denim-on-denim look of Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake! From that day this look has been a favorite of many and even influenced the designer denim brands such as Guess jeans, Pepe jeans, Calvin Klein ect.

You can style denim on denim however you want. Is you want to go full 90’s hip hop fashion with baggy jeans and an oversized denim jacket then rock it! Alternatively you could pair boyfriend jeans with a cropped denim jacket for a more modern look. Play with colors and styles!

The Base Ball Jersey

woman wearing base ball jersey and orange cap

Photo: @topstyletrendss

The list of rappers who wore a baseball jersey is endless! Kayne, Sean John, Tupac and the Fresh Prince were all seen rocking this credible fashion garm. A baseball jersey is the easiest way to give you that 90’s hip hop fashion aesthetic, also they are super comfy!

Throw on some sneakers and a cap then you are good to go. This look is perfect for the summer months, especially as base base jersey’s are often made from breathable fabric.

The Fur Coat

woman wearing white jeans and beige fur collar coat

Photo: @trinity13h

Let’s be real, fur coat never went out of fashion and is still a statement. If you are seeking for quick 90’s hip hop fashion aesthetic then throw on a faux fur coat and you are all set to go.

The fur coat was popular in the 90’s because it was a status symbol foe wealth which is why you saw a lot of hip hop artists like Ciara wear them.

Mesh Tops

woman wearing black shorts and bralette with mesh top with blue butterflies on it

Photo: @SHEINofficial

This one is the classic style of Aaliyah’s! The princess of R&B rocked the long-sleeved mesh top that became a favorite of many.

The mesh top made it’s statement in 90’s hip hop fashion and expect to see a lot more of it during 2023! Use them as a layering piece under t-shirts or pair different bralettes under them.

Pair with a bucket hat and tiny sunglasses for the ultimate hip hop style!

Timberland Boots

Rihanna wearing oversized grey sweatshirt, timberlands and cap backwards

Photo: @Pinterest

When we say Timberland boots, we think of the New York style and artists like Biggie, Nas, Jay Z, etc. Timberlands are a fashion statement and give that perfect street savvy look that screams hip hop.  

You can balance out the chunkiness of the boots with puffy jackets or oversized hoodies like champion hoodies.


With these eight options, you can easily achieve that classic ’90s hip hop fashion and flaunt your look while taking a trip down the memory lane!

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