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8 Best 90s Dresses To Wear and Style Right Now

90s dresses - woman wearing long dress with black headband

Everyone’s obsessed with 90s dresses and so are we! That whole era was truly iconic so we had to bring you the tops picks to style and wear right now.

Everyone’s obsessed with the 90’s aesthetic and women back then sure knew how to dress. From mom jeans, to grunge dresses, to body glitter and crop tops, the 90’s clothing was a classic that is still influencing the runway fashion today!

There’s so much to that whole aesthetic, but today we will be focusing on 90’s dresses. That whole era was truly iconic, which is why it’s one of the biggest fashion trends right out. There is just something so chic about the way girls would style their dresses back in the 90’s and today we’ll be sharing all the tips and ideas on how you can achieve all that.

1.) Casual Slip Dresses

woman wearing black slip dress

Photo: @amour_11

When we talk about 90s dresses, we can’t forget to mention a simple slip dress. These kinds of dresses were a signature trend during that decade and are recently dominating the fashion industry. Style a cute slip dress with some sneakers and hoops to achieve a daytime look inspired by the 90’s. 

More recently we are seeing people style a slip or spaghetti strap dress with a short sleeve t-shirt underneath. The addition of a simple t-shirt will make any sexy dress appropriate to wear during the day while also giving off major casual vibes.

If you are under the impression that slip dresses are too girlie for you, try wearing it with a vintage tee, ripped tights and chunky sneakers for a more grunge look! For more 90’s grunge looks, read our blog on 90’s grunge fashion outfit ideas!

2.) The Romantic Appeal

woman wearing white and floral midi dress with bandana and straw bag

Photo: @topstyletrendss

A square neckline, puffed sleeves with cuffed hems and a midi silhouette; this is a of 90s dresses. Sweetheart or square necklines and puffy sleeves are a BIG 90’s trend, which is why you must invest in a dress that comes with such details.

Short, puffy sleeves 90’s dresses must be the sweetest thing around! They are so flirty and playful; we are totally in love with this trend.

A great thing about such dresses is that you can easily style them for both casual day time look or for date night time look depending on the color or pattern.

3.) Chic Polo Neck Dresses and tiny sunglasses

woman wearing white polo dress, tiny sunglasses and white sneakers

Photo: @Niicoleneu

Polo neck mini dresses with short sleeves and a bodycon fit were super popular back in the 90’s. You can find retro and vintage style versions of this dress such as Ralph Lauren! Style this cute dress with some sneakers, ankle length socks, tiny sunglasses and a baguette bag to look like a 90’s vintage diva!   

These 90s dresses were easy to wear due to there casual look. Pair with tights and a leather jacket for colder seasons like fall or keep it simple with sneakers and a bright colour dress for summer time.

The minimalistic style of the polo neck dress means you can complete the outfit with a statement bag and pair of shoes that on trend vibe.

4.) Floral Prints For The Win

woman wearing floral dress with chunky white sneakers and purple bandana
Photo: @fromluxewithlove

Floral print midi dresses are another popular pick for women in the 90’s. These style of 90s dresses are great for spring and summer time and can be layered with a t-shirt underneath to change up the look anytime you want.

While the floral pattern can come in varying size and color, this style adds a soft feminine touch to the dress. Style with simplistic sandals or stilettoes for a chic and feminine outfit. Add a bandana for an extra 90s flare.

5.) Babydoll 90s dresses

woman wearing a brown baby doll dress with combat boots and black bag

The 90’s era was all about loose baggy clothing and ditching the form fitting silhouettes that had huge popularity in the 80’s. The babydoll dress was the perfect fashion item for this, with it’s flowy skirt , high waist line and puff sleeve.

The loose fit of these 90’s dresses makes them the perfect style dress for summer month. Pair with tiny sunglasses and scrunchies for the ultimate 90’s style.

6.) Leather Dress To Impress

Hailey Bieber wearing black leather dress with black strappy sandals and zebra print bag
Photo: @Voguemagazine

We all know that leather jackets were the craze of the 90s but so were leather dresses! Leather dresses were popular in the 90s due to their edgy and rebellious aesthetic that reflected the fashion trends of the era. The 90s were a time of alternative, grunge fashion, and a shift towards more daring and unconventional styles.

Adding in playful accessorizes like a zebra purse or splashes of red is a fun way to incorporate elements of your personal style. You could also pair your leather 90s dresses with chunky boots for a more casual outfit.

7.) Latex dresses

woman wearing a blue latex mini dress
Photo: @diana

Similar to leather, latex was also a big hit during the 90s era. Latex dresses gained popularity due to their bold nature, which aligned with the avant-garde fashion trends of the time.

For an edgy aesthetic, pair you latex dress with more punk accessories such as a choker and platform boots. Alternatively, if you want to soften the boldness of the latex dress, consider pairing it with contrasting textures and styles like a chunky knit sweater or slouchy leather jacket.

8.) Luscious Velvet Dress

image 7
Photo: @Thestylestalker

Velvet dresses were a popular fashion choice in the 90s due to their luxurious and romantic appeal. Velvet dresses can also give off a vintage inspired feel which we started to see influence a lot of fashion choices during that time.

The velvet fabric catches the light beautifully, adding depth and dimension to the dress along with a luxurious feel. Velvet dresses can also come in various styles and lengths, making them versatile for different occasions. From mini dresses to maxi gowns, there was a velvet dress for casual outings, parties, and even formal events.

90s dresses – Conclusion

There was just something very appealing about 90’s dresses, which is why everyone still talks about them. We clearly can’t get over that era and all the fashionista’s love recreating looks inspired from that time period. Mom jeans were a huge hit and still are, however if there is one thing we know about 90s dresses is that they aren’t going anywhere!

Tell us, which is your favorite 90’s dress out of all these?

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