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5 Best Modest Outfit Ideas

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If you are looking for modest outfit ideas then you are in the right place! Here are some outfit ideas to help you dress more modestly.  

What does modest fashion entail? Most importantly, the key components of modest fashion are grace, confidence, and comfort. What modesty is all about is gaining a keen sense of what is appropriate and less revealing.

There are certainly no rules to dress modestly. You can be creative with your choices and you don’t have to always show lots of skin to look fashionable.

Choosing the best modest clothing

It might be intimidating to face our personal fashion decisions when selecting the best modest apparel because it depends on a number of different elements. We understand how challenging this is. Therefore to assist you, we have put together a list of classic essentials that every modest dresser needs to have in their modest wardrobe: 

1.) Kaftans

woman wearing green kaftan and large straw hat
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A Kaftan is a type of tunic that can have short or long sleeves but is indeed a must-have for a modest wardrobe. Here’s why:

First things first – it’s incredibly stylish and can come in many beautiful colors. They are extremely versatile and can be worn anywhere, from going to a wedding or a beach party. This ensemble is incredibly adaptable, and the fact it’s back with a bang makes it trendy too.

A kaftan is best for people who love roaming in loose clothes so they are a perfect modest outfit ideas for summer. Pair with accessories such as hats, statement bracelets and a woven bag.

2.) Wide leg pants

Woman wearing green wide leg pants, white puff sleeve shirt and orange bag
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Modest clothing doesn’t have to limited to maxi dresses, pants or a long skirt. Wide leg pants are an example of modest outfit ideas that can be chic and stylish.

Flared pants can be worn all season long, making them a great investment piece for your wardrobe. You can style these up by wearing heels and a statement top, such as a long sleeve blouse. Or even dress them down with a knit sweater or turtle neck.

3.) Maxi Dresses

woman wearing black maxi dress with sandals
Photo: @setsofran

Maxi dresses are a great modest dress and are comfortable, flowy, colorful, and always flattering. For the cooler weather outside, you can layer them over a pair of leggings or cardigan.

Of course, you could dress up a maxi with some accessories and show it off in the summer. Consequently, it’s the ideal option for a staycation anywhere, anytime.

Just make sure you choose an opaque fabric to stay modest and covered.

4.) Flowy Abayas

woman wearing pink flowy abaya
Photo: @zahrasmodestshoppe

Flowy Abayas are in full swing among the list of modest fashion. These are stunning pieces and can be worn by anyone! Abaya gowns are just gorgeous and may be worn daily or for any special occasion.

Modern women know how to wear chic abayas in contemporary styles while upholding modest principles. Abayas are created in the most modern, elegant shapes and silhouettes to give them an edge. They come in so many different colors so you can choose one that suits your style.

5.) Cardigans

woman wearing long dress and cream long cardigan
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Layering up an outfit with a cardigan can easily give you a modest yet classy and sophisticated look. It’ll keep you warm and keep your shoulders covered.

Some more modest outfit ideas for winter is layering the cardigan with long coats. This style is very on-trend and provides a coherent and streamline silhouette.

Adding layers to your wardrobe are great tips to be modest and stylish.


It is never too late to put on a fashionable, modest outfit. You just have to dig a little deep into what you really prefer as a modest dress. It includes finding and discovering your own style to let your unique personality light up.

Modest fashion FAQ

What is considered a modest outfit?

A modest outfit typically covers the body more and does not have revealing elements such as low necklines, high slits, or sheer fabrics.

Can modest outfits be fashionable?

Absolutely! With the right combination of elements like color, texture, and accessories, modest outfits can be incredibly stylish.

Can I turn my existing wardrobe into modest outfits?

Yes, with some creativity like layering and upcycling, you can modify your existing clothes to be more modest. A cool tip is wearing any low cut top or dresses backwards!

Are there modest swimwear options available?

Yes, there are now many brands that offer modest swimwear options, including full-coverage swimsuits and swim dresses.

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