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11 Best Short Spring Nails To Try

natural nails with slight ombre and gloss
Photo: @prada&pearls

Discover the perfect short spring nails for a chic and trendy look this season. Find the latest designs and styles that will make your nails pop.

What Spring Nail Designs should I get?

Spring is the perfect time to update your nail art game, and nothing says fresh and fun like a set of short spring nails. With warmer weather and bright colors in fashion, it’s time to say goodbye to the dark, long nails of winter and embrace the shorter nails of spring.

When choosing your short spring nail designs, remember you can wear what ever you want! Nail designs can be a fun way to express your personal style and don’t have to be limited to the current nail trends.

However if you are looking for some spring nail trends to get inspiration from for your next manicure, we have some nail art you might like!

Short Spring Nails – Inspiration

Short spring nails are a great way to update your look for the season. Not only are short nails more practical for everyday wear, but they still allow you to experiment with different shapes, shapes, nail art, and nail designs. Here are some of the best short spring nails ideas:

Simple spring nails

You can still get cute spring nails without all the fancy nail art. If in doubt, opt to get your short spring nails in a more simple design:

Natural nails

glossy square short nails with slight ombre and gloss

Photo: @pinterest

If you don’t want to wear bright colors or prefer a minimalist look, natural nails are the way to go. Start by filing your nails in a round or square shape, as these short nails shapes look the most natural

You can apply a clear or slightly tinted base coat to protect your nails and add shine. If you want to add some subtle color, try painting your nails with a sheer pink or peach polish.

French manicure

french manicure with pastel pink tips

Photo: @classicallycait

The classic French manicure is a timeless nail design that never goes out of style. To give your short spring nails a fresh twist, experiment with different color combinations and patterns. For example, you can use pastel colors like mint green, light purple, or baby blue for the tips, or add a metallic accent to the base.

Simple line work on nude base

nude nails with white line work

photo: @pinterest

For a modern and minimalist nail design, try simple line work on a nude base. You can create stripes, dots, or geometric shapes using a fine brush or a striping tape.

If you want your short spring nails to be more eye catching, use contrasting or bright colors, or stick to monochrome for a subtle yet chic look.

Simple spring colors

sage green nails

Photo: @joannarahier

If you want to keep your short spring nails simple, choose a spring nail color such as sage green. This style of nail design is simple get chic and can work on short nails or long nails.

Play around with different shapes and even at glitter if you want to add some sparkle to your gel polish. For example a pink chrome nail can look simple but cute!

Fun nail art

One way to add some color and fun to your style is by experimenting with different nail designs. Whether you prefer bold and bright colors, soft pastels, or an intricate pattern, there are plenty of fun short spring nails to choose from

Spring Swirls

pastel swirl nail art

Photo: @prada&pearls

Swirls are a playful and fun nail design element that can add a touch of fun to your short spring nails look. You can create a spiral design or random swirls, depending on your preference.

You can choose your swirl nail design in pastel colors which will be perfect for the springtime.

Animal prints

neon nails with animal print nail art

Photo: @trendynails

Animal prints are a classic pattern that can add a bold and fierce touch to your nails. Leopard print, zebra print, and snakeskin print are all popular choices for spring.

If you want to incorporate some animal print to your short spring nails but don’t want to have it on every nail, try just adding the pattern as an accent nail.

Abstract nail art

light purple nails with abstract nail art

Photo: @banu

If you’re looking for more creative and artistic spring nail designs, abstract nail art might be just the thing!! This trend allows for endless possibilities, from geometric shapes to splatters of color to textured designs.

For a more simple abstract nail designs, try a pastel pink nail with abstract shapes and gold flakes with a little sparkle.

Spring nail art pattern

different pattern nails

A really fun option for your short spring nails is to go for a cool nail art design and even mix and match designs. You can choose what ever spring nail designs you like! For some inspiration, mix and match animal prints, checkers, flowers and a graphic for an edgy look.

Floral nails

Floral short spring nails are the perfect way to embrace the season and add some color to your style.

Delicate flower nail art

nude nails with small delicate flowers

Photo: @Shein

Delicate flower nail art is a classic and timeless nail design that adds a touch of femininity to your spring nails.

A classic spring nail design is to go for a neutral color base like a nude or pastel pink with small white flowers on. You can also experiment with different flower types, such as roses, cherry blossoms, and daisies, to create a unique and personalized design.

Daisies nail design

yellwo nails with daisy nail art

Photo: @thexofactor

Daisies are a fun and playful way to incorporate flowers into your nails. They are easy to paint and can be used to create a variety of designs, from minimalist to bold and colorful.

One popular trend is to create a daisy chain design, where the flowers are connected with a thin line. You can also choose a yellow nail with a daisy pattern on some or all nails for a cute and pretty nail art.

Pretty flowers French tips

natural nails with flower french tip

Photo: @hareemkhan

French tips are a classic nail design that never goes out of style. Adding pretty flowers to French tips is a great way to modernize this classic design and add a touch of spring to your nails.

You can use different flower types and colors to create a personalized design that reflects your style and personality. One popular trend is to use delicate pastel colors such as light pink, peach, and yellow to create a romantic and feminine look.

Short spring nails – Conclusion

Spring is the perfect time to experiment with fun and colorful nail designs. Whether you prefer swirls, animal prints, abstract nail art, or nail art patterns, there are plenty of short spring nails to choose from.

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